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Brand journalism for technical, engineering, industrial and scientific companies

Brand journalism is a great way of communicating your message to a diverse public. For us it means using your own content platforms, such as your web site and your blog, as well as earned media outlets and traditional media relations to communicate information about your company to your public.

It's the process of engaging a company or in house expert to write about your business as if they were a third party reporter from a traditional earned media outlet, such as a trade magazine or newspaper.

For Stone Junction brand journalism encompasses blogging, web site content, e-mail marketing and newsletter content, video production, traditional media relations, copywriting and social media. Actually it encompasses nearly everything that involves dipping ones virtual quill into electronic ink and producing written or visual content.

Chris Rand at Google AdWords specialist BMoN provides one of the best definitions of brand journalism I've come across. He says, "The idea of a "brand journalist" is to treat the subcontract writers as part of the team, and to give them a regular target (such as a monthly article, or a twice-weekly blog update, or whatever), but not to limit them to specific writing tasks which you come up with."

The thing we like about Chris' definition is the idea that the brand journalist should be free to identify his or her own subjects as well as developing the ideas you present to them. This chimes perfectly with Stone Junction's own ethos of never arriving at a client meeting without a notepad full of ideas.

For us it's a hugely exciting concept in marketing, not least because it gives a name to what we've been doing for some time.

So, if you want to find out more about brand journalism get in touch with Stone Junction on 01785 225416 or e-mail to find out more.

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Stone Junction is managed by Richard Stone, whose previous experience includes PR campaigns for Arup, AIT Plc, CIENA, Parker Hannifin, Schneider Electric, SIG, SKF, Roche and WorldCom. Well over a decade in technical and technology PR has taught him that he is only just starting out. He is a very slightly geeky father of two who lives in Stafford with his long suffering wife, aforementioned children, dog and cat.

Brand journalism | Technical writing | Technical

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Brand journalism | Technical writing | Technical


Brand journalism | Technical writing | Technical
Brand journalism | Technical writing | Technical

"Stone Junction has been going from strength to strength, building up its client base and championing the achievements of technical and engineering firms, some of which are in Staffordshire."
Ben Adams, Staffordshire County Council

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