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Powering the UK is not an easy task as anyone involved in electricity generation, networks and energy supply will agree. If your business is in any of those sectors, Stone Junction can help you gain press coverage and enhance your online presence.

Whether you are in the gas distribution business or you help companies save on their electricity bills, Stone Junction already understands your industry and will quickly get to the heart of what your business does.

The energy saving market has been at the forefront of EU directives and Government guidelines in the last three years. Whether it’s the EU Design Directive or the national pledge to cut carbon emissions by 2015, we can help create a voice for your business in the media debate.

With previous experience in the energy sector spanning more than a decade, our team of specialists can help you get the right message across to your customers and the media.

We are all technically astute and able to create accurate and creative copy for the trade, local and national media. This content can help position your organisation as the go-to voice for comment on energy industry developments, legislation and directives. 

We carefully tailor each piece of content so that it matches each journalist's editorial requirements. This ensures greater coverage and better relationships with your key media.

We’ve had hundreds of articles published in the energy, facilities management and national press – often making the front cover. 

We’ve got the energy to do your PR

The Stone Junction team is full of enthusiastic and dynamic copywriters. But working with Stone Junction doesn’t only place a team of great media content producers at your disposal.

We can also help with a variety of marketing services including media relations, SEO, e-mail marketing, blogging, social media, digital campaigns, event organisation and speaker opportunities - all done in-house. 

Our energy PR offering is robust enough to be integrated with your other marketing efforts. We are also flexible and creative in our approach; we love to find new ways of expressing your opinions and communicating them to your audience.

If you are an energy company that wants to lead opinion, improve customer perception or just generate more press coverage, call Stone Junction today on +44 (0) 1785 225416. We have the energy to do whatever it takes to get you in the news.

Meet the team  Energy PR | Energy PR company | Energy PR UK

Zafar is a technological savvy business graduate with an MBA in international business and a bachelor's degree in business IT. He's worked in the public sector as a money advisor and spent time as an analyst in developing a commercial hybrid vehicle for Tesco. He's also worked in a busy marketing department where his fluency in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi was handy. His passion for photography and new tech is rooted in his thirst for knowledge... he is a thirsty sponge.

Energy PR | Energy PR company | Energy PR UK

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Energy PR | Energy PR company | Energy PR UK


Energy PR | Energy PR company | Energy PR UK
Energy PR | Energy PR company | Energy PR UK

"Stone Junction does exactly it says on the tin. We've been very happy with what they have done for us and the coverage they've achieved over the last five years. You won't regret using their services," Peter Duncan, managing director, Cressall Resistors

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