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Here at Stone Junction, we've translated our love, or should we say obsession, with languages, cultures and travelling into an international PR service, which can help your company transcend borders and reach a global market.

If you think your company is too small to go international, we've got a secret to share with you. Come closer. Ready? You might already be international.

With the launch of your first website, you've made your company visible for the world to see. Why not take advantage of this new found power and get your name, products and services across to relevant audiences anywhere?

International PR can help your company enter new territories around the world and build your brand across multiple markets. It offers unexplored revenue opportunities and a chance to significantly increase your client base.

Why Stone Junction?

We have a dedicated team of experts that will work closely with you to build a strategic communication plan to suit your company's needs and ensure your messages reach the desired audiences.

Stone Junction works with a growing network of international media and has already achieved impressive results for existing clients seeking to address international audiences.

Our multilingual team fluently speaks eight languages and can offer valuable cultural awareness, localisation and market insight. We know which story should to be released at the best time, in the correct form, to the right market, while also being aware of local customs and traditions. If you'd like to know more about what else makes us special, just have a look at our company values.

  • Consultation and expert advice for making your international PR a success
  • Tailored communication strategies with a high level of client control
  • Copywriting and translation services
  • A network of technically qualified native language translators
  • Media relations
  • High quality service with integrated results reporting
  • A dedicated and knowledgeable PR team

Don't let the term international scare you. As we mentioned at the top of this page, you're probably already there. Addressing these new cross-cultural audiences is beginning to look more and more like a must and not an option. Why not get in the game early and make your name known? We can help.

Whether you're a UK-based company looking to dip your toes in the international market, or a company based outside the UK, wanting to expand in this direction or use English as your key marketing language, call Stone Junction on +44 (0) 1785 225416. We'd love to chat to you in French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Urdu, Punjabi or Hindi.

Or even English, if you prefer.

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As well as being a media relations and copywriting expert, Jess specialises in social media. She works on a range of award winning multinational accounts including FTSE listed Renishaw, UK manufacturer Cressall and EU Automation.

Jess is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and holds a Dual Honours in Media, Communications and Culture and Psychology.

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"Stone Junction has been going from strength to strength, building up its client base and championing the achievements of technical and engineering firms, some of which are in Staffordshire."
Ben Adams, Staffordshire County Council

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