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So, you want to work at Stone Junction?

At the moment we are recruiting for people to fill the following roles in our amazing PR team: 

Account manager

PR Account manager job in StaffordWe have an opportunity for a PR account manager to lead a team, direct client strategy, meet customer objectives and help lead the business. 

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in PR, ideally agency side, and will have run a team, providing direction and managing a portfolio of accounts and customers.

Read the job description and apply here

Senior account executive

PR job in Stafford

Are you bored at your current agency or in your current public relations role? Would you like to join an award winning vibrant, dynamic and young team in a position with great prospects, awesome benefits and an exciting future?

Then apply straight away - the role of senior account executive at PR agency Stone Junction will surely not be available for long.

Read the job description and apply here

Multilingual PR account executive 

Job in Stafford using languages

The position would suit someone who has a degree in a modern European language, such as German, French or Italian.

It would also be ideal for a graduate who speaks English fluently in addition to his or her native language. In this case, any academic background would be suitable.

This entry level role is ideal for someone looking for their first job in PR.

Read the job description and apply here.  

PR account executive - Engineering background 

Science communications job in Stafford

This position would suit someone with a technical mindset and background who would like to expand his or her horizons by working in a role with a business, marketing and public relations focus. 

Technical and technology PR agency Stone Junction has an opportunity for a graduate with an engineering degree to join its vibrant and growing team as an account executive.

Read the job description and apply here.

Why would you want to come and work here anyway?

Work in PR in StaffordWell, you'll be working with a great team for a start. We're a small and friendly bunch, with ten members of staff, based in the heart of Stafford town centre. We're award winning as well, don't you know?

We've also got a distinctive set of values. We think they're cool, especially the way we've made 'dogwithabone' into one word.

We're pretty committed to being a good employer - actually, one of our goals is to be the best PR agency to work for in the UK.

Well, the benefits aren't bad at all

Work in PR in the MidlandsA personalised benefits package allows individuals to choose between receiving more holidays, duvet days, trade or professional body membership, book, technology or gig vouchers or almost anything with measurable value. 

Staff can also win extra holidays or 'top up' their flexible benefeits through a monthly coverage competition called Getting Ink.

Staff also benefit from a £200 annual bursary, to spend on non-vocational training – like cooking, foreign languages, martial arts or just gym membership.

Finally, each member of Stone Junction’s team accrues one hour per month of paid time that they can spend on charity work of their choosing. 

Our three things and go home Friday project allows you to, well, do three things and go home on every fourth Friday. The clue is in the name really. 

Flexible working allows us to come and go at any time before nine and after four, providing we fit our core working hours in. And to top it all off, everybody gets a Surface Pro and all the usual stuff PR companies do, like free fruit in the office and compulsory hipster clothing. Maybe not the last bit. 


Work for an award winning PR consultancyStone Junction has a fast-track internal training programme which contains 26 modules. Normally, we find that even account managers and other senior level staff benefit from at least some of the modules, demonstrating the learning opportunities we provide.  

We're active participants in the CIPR's continuous professional development scheme. In fact, we're so good that in 2014 The Sentinel newspaper shortlisted us for its Training Excellence award. We were also highly commended by the National Apprenticehips Service for our PRCA apprenticeship scheme. 

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Zafar is a technological savvy business graduate with an MBA in international business and a bachelor's degree in business IT. He's worked in the public sector as a money advisor and spent time as an analyst in developing a commercial hybrid vehicle for Tesco. He's also worked in a busy marketing department where his fluency in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi was handy. His passion for photography and new tech is rooted in his thirst for knowledge... he is a thirsty sponge.

PR jobs Stafford | PR Jobs Staffordshire | Work in PR

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PR jobs Stafford | PR Jobs Staffordshire | Work in PR


PR jobs Stafford | PR Jobs Staffordshire | Work in PR
PR jobs Stafford | PR Jobs Staffordshire | Work in PR

"Stone Junction has been going from strength to strength, building up its client base and championing the achievements of technical and engineering firms, some of which are in Staffordshire."
Ben Adams, Staffordshire County Council

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